Would you like to stock delicious Daresbury Dairy Ice Cream, made fresh on the farm with milk from our cows, here in an idyllic setting on the Cheshire and Halton border?

We can produce a variety of pack formats: from 120ml single serve tubs (complete with spoon in lids to make serving them especially easy for you) to our 500ml retail take home packs, or even 4.5 Litre large catering packs – which are suitable for either back of house use, or using in front of house display cabinets. Our Ice Cream is ideal for using in delicious Sundaes or as an accompaniment to be enjoyed with many different desserts.

We produce a whole variety of flavours, from the traditional Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry through to the more contemporary, including Lemon Cheesecake, Raspberry Pavlova and Tiramisu. What’s more, as we are a small producer making all our ice cream in artisan batches, if we don’t currently produce a particular flavour you would like, we would be more than happy to look at this for you.

We take lots of love and care when making our Ice Cream, using fine ingredients and pureeing fresh fruits (there are lots of yummy strawberries in our Strawberry flavour and raspberries in our Raspberry Pavlova). We are confident your customers will enjoy the taste of Daresbury Dairy Ice Cream as much as ours seem to!

To receive more information on our range, discuss your requirements further, or to arrange for us to come and give you tasting samples, please email or call on 07856 091 601