All our ice cream is made fresh on the farm using milk from our cows in small artisan batches. We produce a range of 12 delicious flavours, including frozen yoghurts and fruit ices, which range from the traditional to the more innovative. We only use the finest ingredients to make our ice cream, and where possible we use fresh fruit to give us our flavourings.

We have a small shop at the farm, where you can buy & eat scoops of Ice Cream or buy packs to take home. We have a couple of tables inside and more seats outside overlooking the pond area. We also serve tea & coffee.

We can cater for a wide variety of Food Allergies & Intolerances. For example, many of our Ice Creams are Gluten Free and we also produce dairy free sorbets. If you have a specific Food Allergy or Intolerance, please contact us (either on 07856 091 601) or via our Contact Us Page and we will be happy to advise you on which of our products are suitable. Alternatively you can come into our shop at the farm and we will advise you there.


After leaving the cows, the milk is carried across the farm yard to our hygienic dairy where it is pasteurised. Following this the milk and other fine ingredients are frozen down in small quantities using a batch freezer, where they are made into ice cream. To make the ice cream as divine as possible luscious toppings and extra fruit may then be added. As we make all our ice cream in artisan batches we can make small quantities of flavours, so if you have a favourite and we don’t currently make it, please ask!